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Travelling with a Medical Condition When you are travelling with a medical condition, it is important to take steps to make the journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Take a look through our suggestions for those that apply to you. Before Your Trip Get an ID bracelet or necklace that identifies your medical conditions […]

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5 Tips To A Better USA Trip Going to the United States is a very exciting trip. There is so much to do, and so much to see, that it can be a little overwhelming. Follow these five steps in order to better research your trip and make traveling a breeze.1. Research, Research, Research With […]

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Golf Vacation Packages Planning Tips There are important factors that need to be addressed when the time comes to plan your golf vacation so that you are ensured an enjoyable, relaxing trip. You absolutely don’t want to take this opportunity and screw it up if you have managed to save the money needed, taken time […]

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The Truth about Travel Insurance You’ve seen it before. The little “click here” box to purchase travel insurance when you buy a plane ticket.  Do you really need to spend that extra $33.95 to insure your trip?  Wandering Betty is here to give you the pros and cons of travel insurance.There are four types of travel insurance that […]

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Flight Prices Flying Up With the collapse of XL this summer, it seems prices have nearly doubled as people ensure they do not miss out totally on their holidays. With demand to rebook flights increasing at a staggering rate, prices are flying high in a bid to deal with all enquiries. A return flight for […]

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