How to Find Mystery Shopping Sites – Make Money Shopping, Eating and Traveling Do you know how to find mystery shopping sites? There are several websites that employ mystery shoppers, or secret shoppers, to visit businesses posing as customers, evaluate the service they receive, and complete an evaluation form. Assignments for mystery shoppers vary widely; […]

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Travel Insurance Scam

Travel Insurance Scam With the credit crunch hitting us even harder just as we unpack our suitcases, people are going through extreme measures to accumulate a little extra cash. Travel insurance scams have seen an 80% increase recently as the credit crunch develops with holiday makers claiming on items which have not even been stolen […]

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Tips of Caution, When Singing a Car Rental Contract The process of bargaining for car rental thus results into a comfortable and pleasurable experience after paying considerable attention on some relevant points for booking a car on rent. However, above all the necessary points of caution for hiring a car, the one that should have […]

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Luxury India Tour

Luxury India Tour Luxury Tour Car rental is the most prevalent mode of travel in India. India is best explored by cars on hire and car rental in India is not a tedious task. Every travel company provides car and coach rentals in India. Luxury car rentals in India are the most safest and easiest […]

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