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If Your Destination Plans Are Up In The Air, Consider Beautiful Quebec Canada is one of the best destinations for versatility and adventure.  If you are on the lookout for a great place to take your family and get back to nature then the ‘other’ Quebec is a great option.  Many people choose to visit […]

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The Weather in Lanzarote The climate in Lanzarote is similar to the other six Canary Islands, with spring like weather all year round. The absence of any large central mountain means that the difference in temperature between the north and the south is minimal. In summer, the maximum temperature is around 25 degrees centigrade and […]

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Tips for Saving While Eating Out With Family The plans have been made. Snacks and meals have been packed. Everything that needs to be done to help you save on your vacation has been done. Only now the kids want to eat out. Instead of fighting the tide, look around for one of the many […]

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Saving Iceland

Saving Iceland At one time in the 1920s, international companies wanted to buy land near Gullfoss, in the southwestern quarter of Iceland, and build a hydroelectric plant there. Sigr??ur T?masd?ttir, the daughter of a local farmer, helped lead the opposition to the plant. As a protest she walked all the way to Reykjav?k and even […]

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Ski Holidays – When’s Good to Go? The ski season lasts about five months and relies on one thing: snow. But depending on which month from December to April that you decide to take your ski holiday, your experience can vary quite significantly. Early season ski holidays ‘Early season’ is generally classified as early December […]

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