Make Your Home Appliances Energy Efficient We all use home appliances with some using them more than others, our day to day activities mean home appliances get used very often and as such they use a considerable amount of energy. We are all being encouraged to live our lives in a more environmentally friendly way […]

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Travel Secret – Why Slow is Better Our top travel secret isn’t really a secret at all, but it takes a while for some of us to learn and apply it. Here it is: Slow down. Slowing down and spending more time in each location is not only a secret of cheap travel, but in […]

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Winter Breaks to make your Christmas There are some great options available to families who are looking to get away from the usual Christmas settings and spend it somewhere that the family will remember for many years to come. Children are the ones who probably enjoy Christmas the most as for the rest of us […]

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Money Saving While on Holiday As a child, I used to holiday in self catering accommodation with my parents. We’d hire a caravan for a week on one of those holiday parks. Check out I used to enjoy the environment as there was a pool and slot machines nearby, not to mention the beach and a small […]

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Enjoy Florida’s Culturally Diverse Food Florida’s Gulf and Atlantic coasts and its inland waters serve up a mouth-watering menu of marine cuisine. Depending on the time of year and where you are, you can dine on Apalachicola oysters, Fernandina Beach shrimp, St. Johns River blue crabs, Florida Bay lobsters, and Cedar Key clams, Grouper, mahi-mahi, […]

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