Traveling With Your Bicycle Travel. Sights. Memories. What could be more relaxing than touring through the Italian or French countryside than being on your single bike or tandeming with your favorite person in the whole world? (hey guys, nothing is the correct answer!).  How do I go about getting my bike there and then what […]

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How to Travel at a Discount Everyone seems to be interested in learning how to travel at a discount. Why is this so important to people? Because the average American family spends $4,200 a year on their vacations. This amount could be drastictly reduced in the coming years, if the economy continues to decline. So […]

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Selecting the right destination for your family holiday The summer sun is out and the weather in the UK is amazing, this is one of the reasons why many people are choosing to stay in the UK for their holidays this summer. Added to this, the fact that people are trying to save some money […]

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What to Look for in an Adventure Travel Company Adventure travel is a great treat to those who are keen on traveling and exploring a lot. It is all about one’s passion for travel. Today, it is not all about just packing your backpacks and setting out on a tour. An adventure travel company will […]

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Erik Hastings on Travel Broadcasting Erik Hastings, travel expert and host of The Travel Show on WABC Radio, the biggest station in New York, was the guest on the Steve Perillo Travel Show this week. In his conversation with Steve Perillo, the third generation CEO of Perillo Tours, Erik Hastings shares his opinion on who […]

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