Medical Tourism in India: A walk-through with Holidays Points From a simple tummy tucking jobs, dental care to complex cardiac treatments, knee transplant, cosmetic surgery and psychological care people come to India for solutions. The country has a pool of talented doctors and affordable medical treatment. With state-of -the-art infrastructure, advanced technology supporting treatments and […]

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Travel Secret – Why Slow is Better Our top travel secret isn’t really a secret at all, but it takes a while for some of us to learn and apply it. Here it is: Slow down. Slowing down and spending more time in each location is not only a secret of cheap travel, but in […]

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Erik Hastings on Travel Broadcasting Erik Hastings, travel expert and host of The Travel Show on WABC Radio, the biggest station in New York, was the guest on the Steve Perillo Travel Show this week. In his conversation with Steve Perillo, the third generation CEO of Perillo Tours, Erik Hastings shares his opinion on who […]

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Things to do on your gap year in Australia Adventure activities Scuba diving Australia has some fantastic opportunities for scuba diving. The Great Barrier reef is famed the whole world over, so it’s hardly surprising that it’s one of the top diving hotspots. One that you might not be familiar with, however, is the Nigaloo […]

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Public Transport Etiqutte Inside modern society, it appears apparent, certainly to me, that we are generally residing in a self obsessed society. We want the very best for ourselves, and forget about everybody else. This is never more apparent than on public transport. I reside in London, and for work, have to travel into central […]

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