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Learn How To Prepare Yourself For Culture Shock The lure of travel abroad is that people get a chance to experience first-hand the beauty of other cultures. Many would attest that their knowledge is broadened and that they develop a deeper understanding of other people. Although traveling abroad can be an enriching experience, sometimes we […]

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Athens, Greece: Protests, Strikes Continue Amid Travel Warnings The violence in Athens has worried many tourists traveling to Greece this spring and prompted several countries to issue travel warnings on Thursday.The British Foreign Office issued a travel warning today, advising Britons to exercise “extreme caution” around public demonstrations and protests in major urban centers.The U.S. […]

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Travel in Austria: Free Travel Guide of Vienna by Flashbooking for Backpakers Vienna, Austria’s capital city, has 1,533,000 inhabitants and stands on the right bank of the Danube, at the foot of the Wienervald hills. Originally referred to as Vindobona, the city had already gained noteable importance by the period of the Roman Empire. From […]

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Tips to Pack for a Road Trip If you are going to have a road trip, one of the most important preparations for you to do is packing. Making proper packing before you go for a road trip will help you to easily take certain stuff that you need during the trip. At this time, […]

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Tips to Travel India

Tips to Travel India In order to experience your vacation in India, a dream, please read more of India Travel tips: Do some reading before Voyage to India, so that your visit becomes an experience, something you never dream could happen to you. Do not be worried about living in India. The 5-star and 4 […]

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