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Travel Essentials: Four Items not to Forget Whether you’re a busy business traveller heading off to yet another meeting, or a backpacker about to embark on a gap-year adventure, there are some vital items that no traveller should leave behind. The following will help make your trip much more pleasant, so don’t forget to pack […]

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How Do You Say “Alquilar Carro en Aruba” or “Huur een Auto in Aruba” in English? The official language in Aruba is Dutch and most speak Spanish, too.  You may be wondering what “alquilar carro en Aruba” or “huur een auto in Aruba” means.  Chances are that you’ve been looking around for a car rental […]

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India Offers Incredible Excitement for Winter and Festival Holidays Talking about perfect winter holiday and corporate trips the first thing that strikes our mind is India which is considered as the most desired tourist destination of Asia. India is best suited for tourists who have keen desire to enjoy a lot of tourism options in […]

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Travel Marketing Platform Viamigo Launches Pro Membership SAN FRANCISCO —May 6, 2009 — launched today, Pro Memberships from Viamigo.com help professionals – interpreters, tourism boards, tour operators, guides, schools, hotels, parks, cruises and more – to market their services to global travellers. Pro Members are featured, can post up to 10 offers, and get a […]

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Travel Insurance Scam

Travel Insurance Scam With the credit crunch hitting us even harder just as we unpack our suitcases, people are going through extreme measures to accumulate a little extra cash. Travel insurance scams have seen an 80% increase recently as the credit crunch develops with holiday makers claiming on items which have not even been stolen […]

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