Crushing the Credit Crunch – Holiday at Home The credit crunch has steadily caused more and more people to feel forced to clamp down on their spending and attempt to save what money they can. With prices clambering whilst wages stay the same, millions of British people are struggling to live the lives they’re used […]

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Ways to Save Money for Holiday Travel Many people want to travel for the holidays but they don’t feel like they can because their budget doesn’t allow for it. Yet there are plenty of ways you can raise money to be able to do so. The sooner you start making a plan and determining how […]

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Universal Studios Packages for Teenagers Among the most ultimate Universal Studios packages that you can ever have for your teen vacation is the Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure which is one of the best and fantastic parks in the entire state of Florida with all its realistic scenic backdrops, thrilling effects, and wonderful rides that […]

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Why You’ve Been Wrong About Yacht Charters and Some Tips to Get Started Why would anyone want to holiday on a yacht? Noisy, prone to move without permission, expensive. Worse yet, they make you sick. Not quite the dream holiday you’ve paid for with early mornings, cramped commutes and long interminable office hours. But there’s […]

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