Things to do on your gap year in Australia Adventure activities Scuba diving Australia has some fantastic opportunities for scuba diving. The Great Barrier reef is famed the whole world over, so it’s hardly surprising that it’s one of the top diving hotspots. One that you might not be familiar with, however, is the Nigaloo […]

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Vacation Vocabulary For The New Millennium – Or What's In A Name? Everyone is familiar with the word Stay-cation, invented to describe staying home instead of traveling during vacation time from work. It’s all about mowing the lawn, feeding the cat, watching TV, ordering pizza…yawn…are we bored yet? The genius who created this little hybrid word […]

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Don’t Get Stung By Cheap Last Minute Holidays There are not many people that can say they haven’t been affected in some way by the recession. When it first hit and we were warned by Gordon Brown that there were tough times ahead and we’d need to pull our belts in, most of us decided […]

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Enjoying Cheap Holidays in Europe With the present economic crisis affecting all of Europe, the majority of people are trying to lessen their expenses in order to make do with their reduced incomes and in some cases loss of jobs.  Sometimes, some non-essential things are no longer bought and people have to adjust to save […]

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Elephant Experience

Elephant Experience I am a bit crazy about elephants and this is something I have wanted to do for some time.After lazing on the beach at Nakamanda in Krabi for four days to acclimatise, having come from the snow in Britain, and soaking up the charming Thai hospitality, we headed up to Chaing Mai.The Thai […]

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