Is Trip Insurance Worth the Cost? When booking an overseas trip, a travel agent will usually encourage you to buy trip insurance. Depending on your preconceived notion about travel insurance, you might think two different things. You may consider it as a necessity or an unnecessary expense. So which is it? Too many travelers think […]

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Face Your Tefl Fears

Face Your Tefl Fears On paper, teaching English abroad is a pretty sweet option – exploring new cultures, getting paid to travel, notching up awesome stories to tell your mates back home. But thinking you’re going to do it, and actually, properly getting on that plane are two very different things. So what holds people […]

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Little Known Chinese Night Life f you are looking for ideal evening entertainments in China, there are several leading shows you should never miss. Beijing Opera Show: Beijing Opera, mostly known as Peking Opera, is a purely Chinese opera form, which dates back to the year 1790. That year, four local opera troupes of Anhui […]

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Visit the wonders of Morgan museum The county historical museum of Morgan displays authentic work of art by Howard Christy, a boy from local region who made his well known Christy girls gracing the covers of all the most popular magazines in the early 1900?s.  Museum also exposes the artifacts of Mc Donald Birch. You […]

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Tips and information about tours, restaurants, nightclubs and hotels in Mombasa When looking for a good place to visit, enjoy the holiday, vacation or a weekend, you certainly think of a quiet place with beautiful landscapes, beaches, leisure and entertainment. For these inquiries fit nicely with Mombasa, Kenya. This coastal city of Mombasa with a […]

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