On Location May 08 – Myanmar Myanmar is stuck in a different era. Isolated from the outside world and with little infrastructure the country remains underdeveloped. This was my second visit and the purpose of the trip was to look at ‘all things new’… Arriving late at night in Yangon I stayed briefly at the […]

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A Fun Day Does Not Have to Cost Money! It seems like so many events and attractions cost so much money, that most families cannot afford to enjoy them. That is why the idea of something interesting and completely free is sure to garner your attention. In Great Falls, Montana, such a thing is just […]

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Top Tips To Topping Up That Tan! First of all, don’t even contemplate leaving this bleak weathered, grey skied country without giving that tan a head start! Around two weeks before you travel, get yourself to the corner shop and book some sunbed sessions, not enough to give you that shiny, papery leather look but […]

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Things to Bring When You're on an African Safari Trip Safari Clothing – The clothes you bring on a trip are important because you want to be both comfortable and protected. In the wilds of Africa, a long sleeve shirt is a must to bring to protect you from annoying mosquito bites and to keep […]

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Perpetually Enlarging Picture of Adventure Travel in India One can choose the railways, the air route, waterways or a road travel in India, in order to reach southmost Kanyakumari from the chilling backdrops of Kashmir but, the little known thing is that anyone can spot an adventure amidst his/her travel throughout the whole country. The […]

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