Beach Resorts in Kerala Le Meridien Kovalam is the foremost and the biggest deluxe beach resort of Kerala. It is positioned at the most famed beach Kovalam. Built in a huge area of 65 acres of picturesque exquisiteness of 5000 convincing palms and seashore of the Arabian Sea, Le Meridien Kovalam has nearly 2 km […]

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Los Cabos: an Extraordinary Beauty Los Cabos is the quickly becoming a top destination for tourists. Its location is unbelievable, where you would be able to find the desert and mountains combine with the azure waves of the Sea of Cortez. When you are in Mexico, you never have to worry about accommodation because there […]

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Phuket – Visiting Thailand – Phuket – Vat Refund for Tourists Traveling to the Land of Smile VAT refund for tourists All Non-Thai nationals who travel to Thailand and departy from an international airport are able to submit a VAT refund application. Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hat –Yai, Phuket and U-Tapao are all participating international airports. […]

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Sun Yat Sen Residence – Home Of The &”Father Of China&” Little would one suspect that the quaint little European style house on Xiangshan Road was the former home of the man the Chinese consider to be the father of their Nation. The Sun Yat Sen residence is barely noticeable among the giant skyscrapers that […]

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Thousands Visit Third Largest Unsupported Dome In Europe In Malta you’ll find a different church for every day of the year.  These range from windswept cliff-top chapels to lofty city-centre cathedrals, and from gothic fortress-churches with an adjoining graveyard, to ultra-modern structures that wouldn’t be out of place in the Starship Enterprise.  In Malta you’ll […]

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