Taking in the Historical and Scenic Side of Mexico While some people go on a vacation to unwind and simply bask in the sun, there are those who want to take in as much culture and history as they can in the places that they visit. Mexico is one place that holds this in abundance, […]

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Thousands Visit Third Largest Unsupported Dome In Europe In Malta you’ll find a different church for every day of the year.  These range from windswept cliff-top chapels to lofty city-centre cathedrals, and from gothic fortress-churches with an adjoining graveyard, to ultra-modern structures that wouldn’t be out of place in the Starship Enterprise.  In Malta you’ll […]

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The Golden Chariot journey is an ultimate experience Karnataka is an enchanting destination located in the southern part of India. The regal splendor of the place dates back to several centuries back and today, the various trips and excursions across the land aim to showcase the inherent glory of the place to its visitors. One […]

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Free Orlando Boat Rides Do you want to get a free boat ride while visiting Orlando? Well I have a way to enjoy Orlando while taking a free boat ride down a beautifully landscaped path. Here’s how you do it. Drive to downtown Disney and park close to the Rain Forest Caf? in the public […]

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Special travel packages to Aurangabad Named after the Mughal Emperor Aurangazeb, the city of Aurangabad is an adventurer’s paradise, replete with the magnificent caves and monuments. There are a lot of hotels and tourist operators offering special travel packages to Aurangabad. The packages are ideally suited for trekkers and adventure seeking people who like to […]

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