The Importance Of Mexican Auto Insurance During Vacation! There are many attractions in Mexico that pull in thousands of Americans annually. These include resorts in the mountains, tropical hideaways among others. There are also a significant number of fender benders. Mexico roads are not that much different than US roadways, but they take a little […]

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Travel Insurance Scam

Travel Insurance Scam With the credit crunch hitting us even harder just as we unpack our suitcases, people are going through extreme measures to accumulate a little extra cash. Travel insurance scams have seen an 80% increase recently as the credit crunch develops with holiday makers claiming on items which have not even been stolen […]

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Tips of Caution, When Singing a Car Rental Contract The process of bargaining for car rental thus results into a comfortable and pleasurable experience after paying considerable attention on some relevant points for booking a car on rent. However, above all the necessary points of caution for hiring a car, the one that should have […]

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Planning Your Mexican Vacation! When it comes to planning your Mexican vacation, there are several factors to consider while putting your budget and your wish list together. Besides the usual items like lodging, meals and souvenirs, you should plan on arranging for Mexican car insurance as a necessary part of your trip. You should also […]

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Price Jacking Airlines tickets, yes it's legal Price Jacking is now the biggest way to buy your airline tickets at a fraction of the cost. This information was leadked out my airline staff trying to help their family and friends fly cheap, and I mean cheap. With airlines taking away buddy passes for staff, one […]

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