How To Avoid Pig Balls In Your Noodles The great thing about most Asian countries is that the food is delicious and cheap, and Malaysia is no different. Of course you can find McDonalds and Burger King if you are so inclined, but for a real good feed that is dirt cheap, head to the […]

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How to Live the High Life in Phuket You might think that Phuket is all about beaches and beer bars. Although at first you may not see it, Phuket has a social scene filled with trendsetters and the island’s well-to-do sorts. If you want to live the high life in Phuket, you have to follow […]

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Things to do in Destin

Things to do in Destin There is a reason Destin, Florida is one of the top destinations for families. With its warm weather, sandy beaches, reasonably priced restaurants, multiple attractions, and comfortably-sized condos along the coast, Destin is one of the top vacation spots. Located in the northwestern tip of Florida, Destin offers an ideal […]

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Avoid Crowded Costa’s & Discover Secret Spain Anyone considering a summer holiday this year may be put off by the thought of a crowded beach on a Spanish Costa or the over familiarity of resorts packed with British tourists. However, there are areas of Spain that are not over-populated by tourists and offer beaches unspoilt […]

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Enjoy Florida’s Culturally Diverse Food Florida’s Gulf and Atlantic coasts and its inland waters serve up a mouth-watering menu of marine cuisine. Depending on the time of year and where you are, you can dine on Apalachicola oysters, Fernandina Beach shrimp, St. Johns River blue crabs, Florida Bay lobsters, and Cedar Key clams, Grouper, mahi-mahi, […]

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