Trekking Mt Kilimanjaro Snow-capped Kilimanjaro, floating above the clouds is no doubt one of the most beautiful and impressive sights in the natural world. Even hard-boiled non-believers, in their unguarded moments, empathise with the Maasai who call it the “House of God”. The mountain is one of the Seven Top Summits of the world –it […]

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Water Sports In Maldives – Excitement Guaranteed! Although the Maldives is not a destination which attracts surfers by the thousands, these tropical waters generate friendly waves which are ideal for novice surfers who just want to have a good time out among the waves. While many of the resorts located on the Maldivian Islands offer […]

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Medical Tourism in India: A walk-through with Holidays Points From a simple tummy tucking jobs, dental care to complex cardiac treatments, knee transplant, cosmetic surgery and psychological care people come to India for solutions. The country has a pool of talented doctors and affordable medical treatment. With state-of -the-art infrastructure, advanced technology supporting treatments and […]

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UAE Travel And Tours – List of Driving Institutes in UAE UAE or other Middle East region has lots of places to visit their. Some are far along with some are near to your destination. But you can enjoy with your vehicle or after taking vehicle on rent near to you. But what would happen […]

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Which Barcelona Big Events You Shouldn’t Miss In present times, Barcelona is definitely a cultural metropolis – ‘a cultural crossroad’ – with excellent, carefully organized events and festivals reflecting this diversity. Some of these include the Sonar Festival, the International Jazz Festival, Asian film festivals, Fashion Week, the “Grec Festival”, The Catalonian Moto GP, Formula […]

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