Delhi – the ultimate Touring Destination of India The second most populous country of the world, India has been accommodating large inflow of travelers from all across the globe from the ancient times. On India tour you will find a new taste and something different in every corner of the country. Being the favorite tourist […]

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World Youth Day 2011 – Don't Miss the Event! World Youth Day 2011, as the name suggests, is a youth-oriented well-known Catholic Church event which is going to be held in Madrid, Spain from August 16 to 21, 2011. Though, this event itself celebrates the Catholic faith, but all the youth are invited to attend […]

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Travel To India And Explore Your Inner Spirituality Life is very busy these days, we hardly get the time to sit in tranquility and peep deep in to our souls. Not only physically but also mentally we all grow tired. In this maddening crowd all you look is for inner peace and serenity. If this […]

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The Worlds Leaning Towers Embarking on a tour to visit the world’s foremost leaning towers would demonstrate that Italy’s Leaning Tower of Pisa is no longer the world’s furthest leaning tower. Along with bogus snow in a desert oasis, buildings made to appear like pieces of a chess board and islands in a map of […]

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New Car Class for E-z Rent-a-car Fleet It is always important to give every customer a choice when making a car rental reservation online. E-Z Rent-A-Car also now will be catering to those who do not have specific needs in terms of a car rental class. The XCAR (X as in a variable in basic […]

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